Prime Circle - "Music in empty spaces"

On the 28th of February Prime Circle will be performing a show the likes of which we have never seen before, a Global streaming event  “Music in empty spaces”. 
They will be performing at The Legendary venue The TicketPro Dome in Johannesburg South Africa, one of the largest arenas in South Africa, a renowned venue that has big history with the band, where they launched their career some 18 years ago opening up for the band +Live+ on their "Birds of prey tour", the show that changed their lives.
This two hour event will be an interactive performance filled with all of the bands hits and massive production and big prizes. 
Times have changed but the show must go one. 
Help the band to get the word out there and spread the love, buy a ticket and share with your friends and pass on a 10% discount for the show. 
More about the event:
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